Getting Started

Getting started with Elementor Extras

When you purchase Extras you are given 3 files in zip format. The three files correspond to the last 3 versions of Elementor Extras. We give access to the last three versions in case you need to reinstall an earlier version. You should first install the version with the highest number of the three.

Installing Elementor Extras

After you download the latest version of Extras, go to your WordPress admin, Plugins > Add new > Upload plugin (top left corner). Install Extras just like you would any WordPress plugin.

You will notice a new menu item in the WordPress admin under the Elementor menu item called Extras. Here you access the Extras’ settings and license activation screen.

Activating the license

Once you have installed the plugin, you will need to activate your license. Go to Elementor > Extras > License tab and enter your license in the field that appears.

Your license is activated if you it appears as above and if the license tab under Elementor > Extras is green:

Understanding extensions

Elementor Extras extensions are features added to the default Elementor elements. They display additional controls that can be found usually under the Advanced tab of each element. Below you can disable any or all these extensions. If disabled, these additional controls will no longer be available in the Elementor editor panel.

Most extra controls are added to widgets, columns and sections in the Advanced > Extras tab. The parallax background extensions adds parallax options for the background image of a section. They can be found under Style > Background > Extras on a settings’ editor panel if a background image is selected. All information regarding where to find extension control can be found on the Extensions page:

Enabling and disabling widgets and extensions

Extras allows you to disable any widget or extension you don’t plan on using. Simple go to Elementor > Extras > Widgets tab to disable / enable widgets and Elementor > Extras > Extensions tab to disable extensions.

When disabled, widgets no longer appear in the editor panel widgets list and the assets they use are no longer loaded on the page, decreasing the load time of the page and the Elementor editor.

Similarly, when you disable extensions, the controls added to elements disappear as well as the javascript files associated with them.