Popups for Elementor

The wait is over. Create Popups with Extras in Elementor. Fast and flexible.

Conversion using

Exit intent

Show the popup right when you visitor wants to close or switch the browser tab. You can also control the sensitivity so that your visitors won’t get annoyed.

All kinds of


You can add text content, images, videos or Elementor sections, pages and global widgets to your popup content.

Trigger at scroll

Choose a scroll position to trigger your popup. When users scroll a number of pixels, the popup is opened.


Adjust the time to wait before the popup appears. Set the delay depending on when users are most likely to interact with it.

Close selector

Use selectors to define the close button inside your popup content or template.

Close icon

Position your close icon anywhere, outside or inside, to the top, bottom and left or right.


With one simple option you can turn your popup into a notification that can easily server as a cookie policy reminder. Simply turn off the Overlay to allow your visitors access to your site while the popup is visible.

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