The Devices widget let’s you wrap images and videos in device frames like iphones, ipads, laptops and a desktop monitor. You can also wrap them in a browser frame.

Why use Devices?

The most exciting feature of this widget is it’s customisation options. Because all frames are actually created in SVG, you can change their colours. It also supports video with controls (just like the Video Player widget) and options to scroll & position images inside the frame.

If you’re using a video, you have the same options as the Video player widget, including starting the video when the widget becomes visible in the viewport.

The phone and tablet frames can have a button enable to switch orientation on the frontend side as well a default portrait or landscape mode.


Can the frames width be changed?

You can adjust the size of the widget but you cannot change the width independently of the height of the device or the screen.

What sizes need to be used for the images to fit perfectly inside the frames?

Use 16:9 for phones and desktop, 4:3 for tablet and 16:10 for laptops. The browser frame has no predefined height so the image can be anything.

Do videos support YouTube or Vimeo?

Currently the videos need to either be hosted in your websites’ WordPress library or you have to use an external link directly to the video file. YouTube and Vimeo are not supported.

Can I use my own photos of devices?

No, the only frames you can currently use are the ones provided. You can achieve something like that using an image or video widget and set the frame as the background of the column in which the widget resides.

Do the frames support content such as slides?

Not at the moment, but we’re looking to add support for any type of content, including Elementor templates.